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You may not find all the answers to your job problems by becoming an Union member.
BUT you will be free to present your problems to the members to the EXCO and have considered.

There are many formal routes for resolving complaints and disputes. Thus, as soon as you think you may have a problem, should raise it and seek Union’s advice. (See Article 5 of the Collective Agreement Between A.M.C.O. – Maybank).

Many problems at work are not individual, but affect many workers. As such, you should raise to the Union to take up as a “common issue”.

Remember this… “Decent working conditions means a happier workforce, which should also benefit the Bank too”.

A.M.C.O. works hard to protect and improve working conditions and wages for the members.
As at todate, there are many benefits which A.M.C.O. won over the years that are now taken for granted as “right”.

Lots of the benefits members now enjoying were fought for by A.M.C.O. :-

  • FULL (100%) medical coverage for Officer and his/her immediate family members.
  • Outstation Housing Allowance.
  • Annual Leave.
  • Refreshment Allowance.
  • Other Health and Safety provisions > Executive Medical Examination.
  • Protection from workplace discrimination and harassment.
  • Provide support, advice and free legal representation for member [Note : If you are still not an A.M.C.O.’s member, there are other source of information and advice available, BUT they won’t give you the personal and Free-of Charge service a Union will provide.
  • Better pay (in every 3 years via Collective Bargaining) and many other which exist today, thanks to the supports of A.M.C.O. members.

Union is crucial in defending members’ jobs, benefits and working conditions. The laws says you cannot be discriminated or sacked against for being an active Union’s member. In facts, by getting actively involved in the Union activities by becoming a representative can have a number of career benefits :-

  • Protecting you from exploitation and discrimination in the workplace.
  • Helping you when you are experiencing work problems.
  • Your work often becomes more interesting and worthwhile.
  • You learn a lot, including new knowledge and skills from law to negotiations and dealing with people.
  • You earn your colleagues respect.
  • You are involved in important decisions and meeting and senior management get to know you better.
  • You have other opportunities and access to training through the Union.

Think about the opportunity to be more involved in the Union’s activities – about collective agreement, about industrial harmony and job security, and individual dignity on the job.

As such, please strengthen our Union by becoming :-

  • An Area / State Committee Representative.
  • An Office Committee Representative.

For more detailed information about Union’s representatives, please refer to the following booklets :-
  • A.M.C.O. Rules & Constitution – Rule 12 (a) on Area Committee.
  • A.M.C.O. – Maybank Collective Agreement – Article 9 on Office Committee.

As a worker, you have a right under federal law to join a union, select representatives of your choice and bargain collectively with the Bank. This helps balance the power that the Bank has over his individual employees.

Belonging to a union give you rights under law that you do not have as an individual. As long as you had A.M.C.O., the Bank must bargain with you (via the Union) over your wages and working conditions.

A.M.C.O. take on the bad managers, and work with the good to make them better.

As a member, you can take an active part in decision making.
You can vote, you can hold office and have a voice in the union. As a non-member, you will not have a say in the decisions, namely during the collective bargaining for new CA, that affects you directly. In addition, as a-non member, if you have a grievance which has to be settled in arbitration, A.M.C.O. may not represent you depending on the circumstances.

The cost of joining A.M.C.O. is no more than RM 0.48 sen per day and your union fees can be directly debited from your salary.

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